How Beads Become Water

When we first visited Kenya, we met communities where women had to travel 5 to 8 hours to fetch water every day. As a result, girls had to stay home from school to tend the house. We realized that by bringing clean water closer to home, everything would change--women would get their lives back, girls could go to school, and development could begin.

That's exactly what happened.  At one well alone, 1,936,000 hours were freed up for women. With this extra time they started businesses, became leaders in their community, and spent more time with their families. Some of them got back to their favorite pastime: beading.

Our Beaded Handicrafts project is the result of lives transformed by bringing clean water to people who need it. All products in our catalog are handmade by local artisans in Kenya. With every product sold, profits go towards funding future clean water projects.

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